Underboob Selfie – The Trend You Will Love

The Best Selfies Of Underboobs

Yesterday by accident I found the whole trend of underboobs selfies. Personally I like underboob tattos, but girls wearing short shirts etc. are also in my taste. Check out “few” examples 😉

>>>>>                          <<<<<

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underboob selfie underboobs underboob photo

underboob shirt

tattoo under the boob

Source: thechive.com

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New Trend: Carry Pen Under Breast

Carry Pen Under Breast

There is a new trend in Japan and China – carrying pens under breasts. This latest craze is blowing up on social media.

Some people say it’s about feminism and femininity, but for me the reason is not that important. I see boobs – I press “like”. We need more trends like this one. Share the love.

Carry Pen Under Breast Chinese Woman and her pen under the breast Chinese Women Pens Chinese Women trendWomen Pens trend Japanese breast pen

Cya in the next post. Let the breast be with you.

Does Niykee Heaton Can Sing?

“Trap Queen” by Niykee Heaton

It looks like Niykee Heaton is not only a sweet ass model but she can also sing. Check out this video.


As you can see she’s nice even when it comes to the listening. Below some pics just in case you don’t give a $hit about her music.

niykee heaton niykeeheaton twerking

New Trend: The Over The Shoulder Ass Selfie (28 Photos)

Ass Selfie – The Trend I Really Like


Ass selfies (girls bums photos) take over the internet and I actually love it. Thank to this more girls start to work out and care about thir bodies, what means more nice girls on the World.

Not every trends are inteligent but his one can make a lot of good, becasue more people will take care of their body, so more people will be healthy. Awesome about it is this that no matter what your genetic predisposition are, you can do this – anybody can to this if motivated.

And of course we will see less fat-ass Photoshop selfies which became pretty lame, because not everybody knows that you cannot put Photoshop on your face and go out.

It deserves awesome name, so write your ideas in the comment section below the photos.

ass selfie

ass selfie photos

ass selfie photo

ass selfie pictures

butt selfies

selfie butt

selfies butt

ass selfies

big ass selfies

butt selfie

bum selfie

asshole selfie

perfect ass selfies

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (18)

huge ass selfie

selfie ass

bum selfies

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (14)

asshole selfies

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (11)

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (10)

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (9)

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (8)

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (7)

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (6)

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (5)

new-trend-the-over-the-shoulder-ass-selfie-30-photos (3)

I’ve already heard butt selfie etc., so how you gonna call it?

Dancing Baloons In Slo Mo – Rachel Williams

I Can Watch It Again And Again – Rachel Williams

Enojoy the BALLOONS of  Rachel Williams in slow motion. Cool MUSIC by the way.

Sekx And Seks Video

Sekx And Seks Video

Check out these nice Sekx and Seks Video. These women are so beautiful that you will watch it again and again.

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Music is the same but pictures are not.

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Erogenous Zones Part 2 – Lesson From “Friends” Series

Learn Erogenous Zones From “Friends”

Hey, in one of my previous posts I posted a little info about erogenous zones. I recorded a video about this and one (very hot) girl sent me a response for this 🙂 I think you should watch it 🙂

See you in the next posts.

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How To Text Girls

How To Text Girls

Many men don’t know how to text girls and they make many mistakes. I will give you some advices which are guidelines, because it all depends on situation and not every each of them is the same. You will also get a comilation of the best videos you can find online, so you could have all of them in one place, so bookmark this site and come back any time you want.

 How To Text Girls

1. Keep you messages short, but not to short, like for example one word or emoticon short. The length of your message should match the length of her message.

2. Be original, not boring (for example “How is your day?” is boring). Use her or/and your uniqueness, like if you know what she was doing this day, ask about it, or whatever else, that differs you form regular guys.

3. Do NOT over text her (explained in a video).

4. There are some theorys about WHEN to write her, but WHAT to write is much more important, so just feel it, because it all depends on the situation.

5. There is no perfect thing to write, just write what’s on your mind at the moment.

6. Cut emoticons, LOLs and other shit, at least untill your relation go deeper.

7. Write that you’re doing something awesome, but don’t invite her to this. Most of hot girls are invited to many cool stuff, so she may think “Wow\Wtf – he’s different”.

8. Make her  smile, it’s should be for you and her fun, write something flirtatious. So don’t put too much value to this messages, and the invitation mentioned above is that value.

I hope you liked these tips on how to text girls.

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Cya in next posts.


Learn How To Touch A Girl

How To Touch A Girl

Because this is my first article I decided to teach you how to touch a girl.

How To Touch A Girl

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„Female Erogenous Zones – The Art Of Touch”.

                    It is really important to know that and to release pleasure from particular parts of her body at the right time.

You have probably heard or seen people that did not know each other but they started do dance and one thing led to another. Without saying a word your body may communicate more and do more than you can imagine. Body language makes up 55% of communication, including touch, which is an extremely powerful element of your contacts with girls.

It does not matter whether you are single, you have a girlfriend, wife or you are currently dating someone – my course is for you.

Thanks to this:

  • You will get to know female erogenous zone known only to small group of guys
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  • You will learn when and how to touch a girl and her areas of bliss
  • You will get to know 3 golden rules regarding the way her intimate areas should be touched

„I’m thinking about you and the way you were touching me”

I heard this sentence many times during and after my dates with girls.

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