How To Text Girls

How To Text Girls

Many men don’t know how to text girls and they make many mistakes. I will give you some advices which are guidelines, because it all depends on situation and not every each of them is the same. You will also get a comilation of the best videos you can find online, so you could have all of them in one place, so bookmark this site and come back any time you want.

 How To Text Girls

1. Keep you messages short, but not to short, like for example one word or emoticon short. The length of your message should match the length of her message.

2. Be original, not boring (for example “How is your day?” is boring). Use her or/and your uniqueness, like if you know what she was doing this day, ask about it, or whatever else, that differs you form regular guys.

3. Do NOT over text her (explained in a video).

4. There are some theorys about WHEN to write her, but WHAT to write is much more important, so just feel it, because it all depends on the situation.

5. There is no perfect thing to write, just write what’s on your mind at the moment.

6. Cut emoticons, LOLs and other shit, at least untill your relation go deeper.

7. Write that you’re doing something awesome, but don’t invite her to this. Most of hot girls are invited to many cool stuff, so she may think “Wow\Wtf – he’s different”.

8. Make her  smile, it’s should be for you and her fun, write something flirtatious. So don’t put too much value to this messages, and the invitation mentioned above is that value.

I hope you liked these tips on how to text girls.

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